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  • ASTM A179 Seamless Steel Tube for Boiler & Heat Exchanger

    Technique  Seamless 
    Place of Origin  Guangdong, China 
    Brand Name  Taidasteel 
    Specification  13.7-114.3mm 
    Grade  A179  
    Outer Diameter  13.7-114.3mm 
    Length  2-16.5m 
    Thickness  1.5-19mm 
    Usage  Boiler & Heat Exchanger 

    Detailed Product Description

    A179 tube/heat exchanger tube/boiler tube

    1)Sizes (O.D. x W.T): from 13.7mm -- 114.3mm x 1.5mm to 19mm
    2)Stanard:  ASTM-A179 
    3)Steel Grade: ASTM-A179 
    4)Surface: oiled or black painted to prevent rust
    5)Marking: as per customer's requirement

    Inner packing:
    Caps on two ends of every pipe

    Package:bare packing/bundle packing/wooden carton packing.

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